A00019 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful curly orange colour flowers looking very attractive at Coorg

A00018 – Coffee Flower

Name: Coffee Flower The fragrance, shape and colour of Coffee Flower looks slightly similar to Jasmine variant. Snap taken at Coorg

A00017 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful Red flower found at Coorg

A00014 – Alamy Flower

Name: Alamy Flower Focused Close up of beautiful Alamy Flower at Coorg. Looking beautiful. Right?

A00007- Pentas

Name: Pentas Beautiful red flowers at Coorg. It is not only attracting people but also Butterflies 🙂

A00006- Honesty

Name: Honesty Beautiful purple flower with awesome fragrance and looking very attractive at Coorg.

A00004 –

Name:  <unknown> Snap at Coorg. One of my best collection of flowers. Looking good. Right? 🙂

A00003 –

Name: <unknown> Red velvet flower seems to be very attractive that made me to take a snap of this at Coorg.