A00075 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful and attractive red colour flower at Koramangala, Bangalore.    

A00054 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful and colourful flower at Koramangala,Bangalore.  

A00040 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful, different and attractive flower at Atreyapuram, East Godavari(dt.), Rajahmundry  

A00037 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful and attractive flower at Sri Venkateswara Rose Gardens, Kadiyam, East Godavari(dt.), Rajahmundry

A00020 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful Yellow and red shaded flowers at Lalbagh, Bangalore

A00017 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful Red flower found at Coorg

A00016 – Bromeliad

Name: Bromeliad Beautiful and attractive Bromeliad house plant at Koramangala, Bangalore

A00002 – Bunch of 3 Red Roses

Name: Bunch of 3 Red Roses The below picture was taken at Coorg. Usually, we find single Rose but here a bunch of 3 Roses in Red colour. Isn’t Beautiful?