A00074 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful and pretty flowers at Koramangala, Bangalore.  

A00073 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful and peaceful bunch of flowers at Koramangala, Bangalore.  

A00061 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful and Peaceful White flower at Koramangala, Bangalore

A00050 – Plumeria

Name: Plumeria Gorgeous and attractive Plumeria flower with beautiful fragrance at Koramangala, Bangalore.  

A00049 – White Rose

Name: <unknown> Peaceful and pretty white rose flower at Kadiyam Nursery, Burrilanka Road, East Godavari(dt.), Rajahmundry  

A00048 –

Name: <unknown> Beautiful and attractive flower at Kadiyam Nursery, Burrilanka Road, East Godavari(dt.), Rajahmundry

A00044 –

Name: <unknown> This beautiful flower was taken at Kadiyam Nursery, Burrilanka road, East Godavari(dt.), Rajahmundry

A00028 – Night blooming cereus

Name: Night blooming cereus(Brahma kamal) Amazing and beautiful Night blooming cereus also called as Brahma kamal, which blooms after nightfall. It was taken at Silk board, Bangalore.  

A00026 –

Name: Lovely and bright funnel shaped blossom, which looks similar to the flower lily at Bangalore

A00021 – Vinca sp.

Name: Vinca sp. Peaceful and beautiful Vinca sp. flower at Lalbagh, Bangalore